Wednesday, August 17, 2011

You've gotta be kidding me!

this mamma does NOT love............

Lingerie for kids?????
Keep in mind, these are not swimsuits, they are lingerie!

I am very disturbed by an article I came across today. A French designer of lingerie has come out with a line of lingerie for kids 4-12. The line is called Jours Apr├Ęs Lunes. Really??? FOUR TO TWELVE YEARS OLD! Do people honestly think it is okay for a CHILD to be wearing any kind of lingerie? Children do not even wear bras! I am amazed at the lack of respect people have for children. What is wrong with keeping your kids as innocent as possible for the longest amount of time? I can't remember how many times I was told, "don't rush to grow up". These items where made to look like mom's lingerie. Our course little girls want to be just like mom but when should the line be drawn? I draw the line well before we get to my child wearing lingerie. Apparently France has not clue what is age-appropriate!

Some of the items are very cute and would make a cute undershirt. There is a line for babies that actually is age-appropriate and cute. But they are marketing it as LINGERIE. Something is seriously wrong here. 

Another disturbing thing about the kid's lingerie line is the website with the girls wearing the lingerie. These sweet young girls are made to look like adults with their hair and make up done up and lounging around in their underwear. What kind of mother allows her little girl to pose for a LINGERIE line!

You be the judge read the article here or go to their website here

So what do you think? Should kids be parading around in their "just like mommy" bras and panties???

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