Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Cloud B Soother

this mamma loves..............

Cloud B Soothers
 These night time soothers have been a lifesaver for me! I bought the large lamb to put in Stella's crib and the small giraffe to take on the go. When Stella was a newborn she hardly slept! And when she did sleep, she needed noise. Her lamb was the perfect soother to help her doze off. Then I was finally able to get some sleep too! There are four different sounds soothing sounds that will comfort your baby. The sounds are incredibly calming and makes it easy for your baby to drift off into dreamland. They truly are the perfect night-time companion for every baby!

What helps your baby sleep??

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  1. Ah, Stella does love her giraffe. And It worked to get her to take a nap!