Friday, August 12, 2011


I have a love for deals, crafts, baby, clothes, and many more things! I would like to share my findings of the things I truly love about baby products, mommy products, crafts I am working on and much much more. 

My name is Melissa. I have a beautiful daughter Stella who will be turning two in December. I have an amazingly loving supporting husband Morgan. I'm obviously new at being a mom but I love to experiment with different things to find the best of everything for my family. 

Being a mom is hard! Not only physically and mentally but it is hard to find great products for your baby and for yourself with all the changes your body goes through. When Stella was born I thought I had everything figured out! Everything was purchased before hand for the things I would need for my beautiful daughter. Little did I know there was a difference between this swaddler and that. Or this stroller and that one. I wish I had more advice on what worked better and where I could get the best deals. I wish I had more advice on which clothes would look good on me while I was pregnant and right after. I wish I had more advice and so many things! 

So this is what I have learned in the short two years I have been a mom and this is what this mamma loves...............

Feel free to share your opinion on things you love too!

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