Saturday, August 20, 2011

Girl Nursery

this mamma loves..........

Decorating Nurseries
A lot of thought went into my little girl's nursery. 
When we first found out it was a girl, the wheels started turning in my head. I was so excited to decorate her nursery ANYWAY I would like!
My first thought was polka dots. We had to do polka dots. My second thought was pink and brown!
I love those who colors together.  
 I took many trips to hobby lobby to find cute accessories. Then found the perfect crib set.
Everything started to fall into place =)

 Finally, when I was about 8 months pregnant I was able to put it all together.
I painted the walls, put together the furniture, added decor, etc...etc.....
Here is how it turned out!
(a few things have been added since)
I can't wait to decorate a nursery for a little boy
(maybe someday....) 
Although I wouldn't mind decorating another girl nursery =)

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